Sunday, February 24, 2013


I used to love Sundays. They were always relaxing days, spent watching movies with hot chocolate in the winter or lounging in the backyard in the summer, but lately, Sundays seem to go by too fast. They're over before you know it and seem to be full of too many thoughts of Monday. Long weekends are always appreciated. Especially in the winter. A holiday Monday makes Sunday so much easier to enjoy.

We took advantage of the sunshine on Family Day weekend to go for a walk around the tip of Burrard Inlet. We were definitely on a stroll and everyone else on the trail kept passing us. Apparently people go outside for exercise not just dawdling and taking pictures. Today there will be no going outside (except for a mandatory trip to the grocery store) as it is pouring rain and hasn't stopped once. But at least this Sunday has pleasantly been passing by a little slower. Although it might just seem that way because I'm still in my pajamas...

Happy Sunday!

Photos of me by Matt Gauthier

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