Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The other day a friend an I were out on our lunch break pretending to be tourists and snapping a lot of photos around the neighbourhood. While we walked through Gastown, we were stopped by a writer for Scout Magazine who asked if she could take our picture for her street style column. We obliged, somewhat modestly (or perhaps we were just embarrassed, there were a lot of people around) and waited to show up on the internet. About a week later the column was released and I even found my picture on the homepage! It was a bit embarrassing, but also a bit exciting.

Fame and fortune hasn't descended on me yet, but it still makes me feel pretty good about myself and more confident about wearing my vintage scarves. Here I am below as pictured on Scout Magazine... I still think the way my dress is blowing makes it look like my legs have been edited into the photo.

Photo by Jenny Bachynski borrowed from Scout Magazine

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lunchtime Touring

Today I had the most amazing lunch break ever. It felt like I did so much even though I only ventured a short distance from my office. My friend Alicia and I wandered into Chinatown to snap some photos and get our creative juices flowing after sitting at our computers for half a day. We found colourful buildings to photograph and went to the Chinese Gardens which I have actually never been to before! They are so close and so beautiful I can't believe I have never been.
We wandered around and snapped photo after photo like excited tourists and I remembered how enjoyable it is just to wander around a city looking at beautiful things with no where to be. Of course we had to go back to work eventually but I definitely felt much more refreshed than I would had I sat in the lunch room for an hour!
I hope to have more lunchtime adventures like this one in the near future. And since I just upgraded my Photoshop I'll have to keep taking more photos so that I can keep learning how to edit them. Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for the tips on how to bring out the vibrant colours in my photos.