Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Feeling Fancy

Most weekends, I have grand ambitions of getting dressed, going out, doing things and getting things done. Most weekends, I don't get out of my pjs. Last weekend despite the fact that I'd got dressed, semi-styled my hair (the toque hides the messy bits), put make-up on and was ready to go, I still almost talked myself out of venturing into the cold. But I made it outside (dragged this guy with me) and man it was cold. Tights are just not warm enough some days.

We didn't make it very far, just a quick trip around this semi-frozen lake and a short photo op, and then we rushed back home for some hot chocolate. Speaking of which, I need to buy some more, and some more Carolans Irish Cream Liqueur to go in it!

This is a lot of photos of me, I hope you feel less awkward about it than I do. I really like these colours - I hear that orange is hot right now... But whatever is in, I'm glad my wardrobe isn't so black and grey these days.

Photos of me by Matt D Gauthier
Toque & Gloves {Simons}, Coat {United Colors of Benetton/swapped}, Dress {Modcloth}, Tights {Joe Fresh}, Boots {Ecco}, Purse {Zellers}

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