Sunday, January 13, 2013

To the Fort

Yesterday, I met my friend Jenn for lunch. We headed across the river to Fort Langley to a little tea shop called the Little White House. We both had the quiche of the day and it was delicious! After lunch we strolled around the small town and because we are incredibly awesome, took some time for a cheesy photo op. *Cough* See below... we're just heading out of town on a Westbound train.

It was incredibly cold out, but a beautiful day. It is nice to see the sunshine on a weekend after so many dark days of rain. I have been terrible for taking pictures lately, except of course on instagram, but, lest I forget what little I know about using a camera, I'm determined to start getting out and taking more.
1. The old station, a little frosty 2. Railroad crossing 3. Canadian National Railway 4. Exploring 5. Plane overhead 6+7. Striking a pose 8. More exploring 9. The river 10. The main drag 11. Little White House 12. Being awesome

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