Sunday, October 21, 2012

Seasonal Attire

I have been ready for fall for weeks and it's a good thing I've been embracing it even before it was really here because today it seemed like we are quickly heading into winter. There is a chill in the air and I am wanting to bundle up in toques and cozy sweaters and huddle up under blankets. This will be our first winter in this apartment and it is starting to get chilly but we are trying not to turn the heat on. Tonight I baked chocolate chip cookies and figure the warmth of the oven does the trick. From now on, every time I get cold, I just have to bake something!

We went for a walk around the lake today and took some pictures in the leaves. While we were out we noticed the first dump of snow had fallen on the local mountains and when we got home Matt put together this quick time lapse of Golden Ears. It's so crazy to think that only a month and a half ago I was hiking up Alouette and now there's snow up there. Time has been going by so fast this year.

Scarf{Oak and Fort},Top & Tights{Joe Fresh}, Coat{Modcloth}, Skirt{Originally from H&M, swapped}, Boots{Hunter}, Purse{Matt & Nat} 
Photos by Matt D Gauthier

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  1. WOW I like your Outfit, you look really adorable wearing your Tights and shiny Rubber Wellingtons, I wear Wellingtons too, it would be nice if we pulled our Wellingtons on and met for coffee.