Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The other day a friend an I were out on our lunch break pretending to be tourists and snapping a lot of photos around the neighbourhood. While we walked through Gastown, we were stopped by a writer for Scout Magazine who asked if she could take our picture for her street style column. We obliged, somewhat modestly (or perhaps we were just embarrassed, there were a lot of people around) and waited to show up on the internet. About a week later the column was released and I even found my picture on the homepage! It was a bit embarrassing, but also a bit exciting.

Fame and fortune hasn't descended on me yet, but it still makes me feel pretty good about myself and more confident about wearing my vintage scarves. Here I am below as pictured on Scout Magazine... I still think the way my dress is blowing makes it look like my legs have been edited into the photo.

Photo by Jenny Bachynski borrowed from Scout Magazine

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