Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lunchtime Touring

Today I had the most amazing lunch break ever. It felt like I did so much even though I only ventured a short distance from my office. My friend Alicia and I wandered into Chinatown to snap some photos and get our creative juices flowing after sitting at our computers for half a day. We found colourful buildings to photograph and went to the Chinese Gardens which I have actually never been to before! They are so close and so beautiful I can't believe I have never been.
We wandered around and snapped photo after photo like excited tourists and I remembered how enjoyable it is just to wander around a city looking at beautiful things with no where to be. Of course we had to go back to work eventually but I definitely felt much more refreshed than I would had I sat in the lunch room for an hour!
I hope to have more lunchtime adventures like this one in the near future. And since I just upgraded my Photoshop I'll have to keep taking more photos so that I can keep learning how to edit them. Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for the tips on how to bring out the vibrant colours in my photos.

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