Sunday, April 7, 2013

Seven Weeks of Spring Cleaning

This weekend I've been hit with the spring cleaning bug. Though this may have something to do with the fact that I spent yesterday packing up a very, very full townhouse belonging to Matt's grandma, I have been feeling the need to simplify and declutter all winter, and since it is spring, this seems like a good time to get serious about it. I'm adopting the mantra, "use it or lose it" about my stuff. Though I know I won't just go get rid of everything I don't use very often, it's nice to get rid of a little bit at a time, and organize our apartment in small steps.

I did some cleaning this morning but since I know I won't be spending the rest of the afternoon scrubbing and shredding I made a list of projects I'd like to tackle this spring and I'm going to do one a week in hopes that I'll have a clean organized apartment just in time for summer fun.

Here are my seven projects for seven (not necessarily consecutive) weeks of spring cleaning.
  1. Clean and organize cupboard under bathroom sink
  2. Clean fridge
  3. Organize drawers under desk (find a better storage solution for camera equipment)
  4. Wash bathroom walls and molding
  5. Sort and shred old receipts, bills etc
  6. Paint crates (not really a cleaning project but it needs to get done anyways)
  7. Get rid of clutter and junk (especially the already sorted pile to be sold/donated that is currently taking up space on the dining room floor)
Now, in the spirit of my new mantra, I'm going to enjoy my tea this afternoon out of a china teacup because I don't have to get rid of things that I use!

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