Monday, May 21, 2012

tea for one

pouring a cup of tea
There's something about drinking tea out of a real tea cup on a weekend afternoon that is much more enjoyable. It reminds me of afternoons drinking tea with my Grandmother. Talking about current events, complaining about public transportation and reminiscing about Vancouver when it still had trolley cars and my Grandma was the one hanging out at the Commodore Lanes. 
We always drink Earl Grey. I'll drink three cups while she's still working on her first one. I'm usually on my second before hers is cool enough to drink. And we always have cookies, either Dad's oatmeal chocolate chip or shortbread. I didn't have any cookies today, but I didn't have any guests. It was just me having tea for one. Usually, I'll just drink tea out of a mug and I'll only make a cup, but there really is something about a traditional cup of tea that just tastes better. I'm going to start doing this more.

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